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Current plays in production


Kat isn't too bothered when she wakes up in a stranger's bed after a night out. But, as she looks at the collection of childlike paintings on the walls, she begins to feel unsettled.


When Casper appears he proudly tells her that he is an artist and his paintings are bought by celebrities. Then he mentions that he's been missing for years and he never leaves his room that Kat is now trapped in... 




Using mime and imagination you'll be immersed in a room with Casper, Kat, four walls and now way out. 

Safe is a one act 50 minute play.

Who killed Florence? 

Aside from friendly jokes mocking each other's losses, all is calm a Poddington Bowling Club...until life-long member Florence is found lifeless on the outside green.

Who wanted her dead? 

Are the club members all as innocent as the look? Or will more fall foul of the murderer? 

A killer comedy - it's the older generation that you need to watch out for, they're deadly. 

Who killed Florence is a one act 75 minute play. 


Mia has worked hard to set herself up a quiet new life in the countryside. 

But, when Bianca bounds in, Mia is intrigued by her chaotic nature and gives her a job. 

As the two try and figure each other out, a dangerous game begins. 

It's time for secrets to be spilt...revenge is best served vintage. 

Barmaids is a one act 75 minute play. 

The Highway Rogues 

Eliza faces uncertain times when he husband dies and leave her penniless. But, her servant Molly comes up with a plan and they hit the highway. 

The two as a thick as thieves - perhaps even thicker - but they soon come to the end of their rope...

A devious comedy that will have you backing the rogues all the way shouting: "Stand and Deliver!" with them. 

*Please refrain from robbing anyone in the venue* 

The Highway Rogues is a one act 60 minute play. 

Sleep Tight

Jenny and her mother Grace were always close, but when Grace dies Jenny uncovers secrets that she didn’t know about her family.

As Jenny tries to process what her mother has told her through a letter, she comes to the realisation that her life is forever changed. 

Sleep Tight is a one act 50 minute play. 

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