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The story of Safe...

Safe is the first play that I wrote as part of a playwriting course with ACT in Brighton. I started the course in April 2023 and was inspired to write Safe after a visit to a castle in Cornwall - in fact I wrote part of it there, while I was enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring the art on the walls. 

I worked on the script over the summer and decided as a playwright I wanted to focus on the dialogue and build the relationship between the two characters. I decided that there would be minimal props - two chairs - everything physical was going to be mimed. 


The play was first performed in October 2023 and once I'd seen it, I knew that I was going to show it again straight away in my hometown of Worthing...although I had no idea where to start.

Me and my partner Jase decided to book a venue and go from there. I auditioned actors from the local University in Worthing, gave them the script and we performed a rehearsed reading in October 2023 at the Cellar Arts Club. 

Straight away I was asked if I wanted to do the show in a bigger venue in the town. So, Safe and Sleep Tight were performed on 3rd December 2023 at Venue 5, Pavilion Bowling Club.

I then applied to the Chichester Fringe and we were overjoyed to be accepted. The actors from the University had other commitments, so I re-auditioned and we started rehearsals again in April 2024.     

The Chichester Fringe show was on 1st June 2024. We are heading to The Walrus in Brighton on 4th July and the Worthing Theatre Trail on 13th July. We also have another venue in Chichester date TBC. 

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